Complete Hydroponics is a synonym for: Reliability, Quality, and Consistency. We use only the highest-quality ingredients derived from only organic and natural sources. Every one of our products go through intensive quality controls to ensure consistency from batch to batch. We eliminate all of the guesswork and insecurities by providing the cultivator with a reliable product that they can trust.

Complete Hydroponics spends an incredible amount of time, money and resources in research and development. Our products have been out-performing the "competition" since day one. Crops (and cultivators) experience less stress and produce higher yields - while providing peace of mind and a finished product of utmost quality. 

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Refer to this measurements/nutrient calculator to help you better understand when and how much to feed your plants. The Complete Hydroponics nutrient line is very clean and easily dissolvable in water. Please note that this is a generalization (general guidelines) for most plants and that experience is recommended. For further assistance please use the "contact us" form and one of our representatives will be happy to answer and and all questions.

  • N
  • P2O5
  • K2O
  • Fe
  • Mg
  • Mn
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The Complete Hydroponics nutrient line can be found only in certain exclusive hydroponic retailers. We chose to only associate ourselves with businesses that provide their customers with world-class products, knowledge, and service. Complete Hydroponics is given as an exclusive to those businesses and business owners who are willing to put in the work and effort to become industry leaders. We are always looking for new retailers and new opportunities to serve emerging markets. This would make our products much easier for the local consumer to obtain.

Below you will find the most current locations that carry the Complete Hydroponics nutrient line:

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