About Us


The hydroponic industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the United States as I write these words. Similarly, sophisticated soilless systems and the indoor gardening industry has been growing at an alarming 25% year after year since 2006 and is expected to continue this trend through 2021. Due to this massive expansion from these industries auxiliary businesses have been popping up all around us. It is becoming incredibly difficult to differentiate which one of these companies drives real value to the retailer or the grower; and even more so which companies truly spend time, money, and resources in research and development to make a truly great product.


Complete Hydroponics was founded with one mission in mind: offer Quality, Consistency, and Reliability to the retail hydroponics and many others of the same branch. Our plant nutrients, sold nationwide through our network of retail stores and used by dozens of commercial facilities, are formulated only with the highest quality of ingredients (Pharmaceuticals, Food-Grade, non-GMO, and Organics) to bring out the highest quality and most quantity from every harvest. 


More than 19 scientists came together and collaborated for Complete Hydroponics birth. 
Complete Hydroponics proprietary formulations have been making the difference in cultivations around the United States since it was first launched. Complete Hydroponics has been significantly out-performing the "competition" since its establishment. Not only has it been out-performing others with regards to the quantity of fruits and flowers, quality standards, and product consistency but it has also made harvests more profitable and with a lot less work. 
Plants, and growers, experience less stress and produce more profitable harvests.
Our simplicity provides peace of mind and a finished product of utmost quality.
Complete Hydroponics is currently being represented only by top-notch retailers within exclusive markets. We are only as good as our retailing partners, this is why we hand-pick strong industry leaders and innovators to represent us in their stores. Complete Hydroponics tries to affiliate itself with other successful businesses to make sure that our customers receive only the best service, advice, and care.
We don't have any "customers", we have business partners and friends that happen to buy our products.
Only so much can be said about our company and the products we make. If you want real results and real quality, try them yourself today! There is absolutely no risk and all of our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - if you're not happy with your results just call us and we will refund you completely or make some other type of accommodation at your request.
Thank you for all the support.