Members of the LET IT GROW family pride themselves on serving the customer on an individual basis. Whether you are an indoor or outdoor cultivator we can help accomplish the specific needs and requirements of your garden. From choosing a grow method and medium to integrated pest management and complete environmental control we are here to help.

239 Pike Johnston, Rhode Island 02919

(401) 572 - GROW

Base Nutrients - for explosives vegetative stages

Our Hydroponic Nutrients will help your plants develop a strong stalk, powerful roots, and amazing foliage thanks to its Cla-Mag fast-absorbing formula.  Complete Hydroponics is your one way ticket to success!

Bloom boosters - for powerful flowering stages

Our Hydroponic Nutrients are a natural and organic source of rich potassium and phosphorous, and also include trace minerals, organic stimulants, and amino acids. If you want to grow a heavy, overloaded, and tasteful flower, this is what you need. 

Soil Amendments & Organic Fertilizers

Our Soil Amendments are designed to modify the soil structure allowing it to absorb and retain water and nutrients more efficiently. In the case of Organic Fertilizer, our nutrients contain naturally occurring components carefully selected to improve soil conditions and your plants' overall development.  


Hydroponic Equipment - Lights, Ballasts, and more

Green Gear is the the best source of light-power designed to promote incredible Vegetative and Flowering Stages. Our lamps are designed to produce a full range of spectrum which is essential to promote incredible growth and flowering ratios.   

Blog posts


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Carbohydrates are the building blocks of your plants

Carbohydrates are probably the most abundant and widespread organic substances in nature, and they are essential cons...

Hobby Gardeners

Gardeners from all experience levels can easily use our natural and organically-derived plant nutrients in their gardens.

Commercial Facilities

Commercial grows/cultivations looking to beat the competition with better quality and quantity harvests should look no further.

Video gallery

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What Stores are saying about us

Complete Hydroponics has been recognized as a revolutionary nutrient designed to provide the highest standards of quality, reliability, and consistency.  Doing business with complete Hydroponics guarantees a win-win relationship ruled by professionalism, service, and commitment.

With Complete Hydroponics, everybody wins!

Oasis Garden center & Hydroponics


After doing business with Complete Hydroponics for more than 5 years, we have to say that this company kept its promise. We sale their products in a daily basis which is great, we have an excellent customer service that we can rely on, and an outstanding marketing support. 

The organic grow hut


We are the holy grail in Rhode Island and we say that Complete Hydroponics is one of those things you'll never regret. Their products are excellent and our growers love them. They have a good customer service, great shipping offers, and solid marketing support. 

grow crazy


Our store has the best nutrient lines you could find in Connecticut. Complete Hydroponics is one of our top sales. Doing business with Complete Hydroponics has been a profitable and wonderful experience.  

east coast hydro


We are the greatest grow shop you'll find in Massachusetts. Our nutrients are careful selected to offer the best service quality nutrients in the area. Complete Hydroponics has proven to be a great choice. Our sales are booming and our customers are happy.  

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