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Hobby Gardeners

Gardeners from all experience levels can easily use our natural and organically-derived plant nutrients in their gardens.

Commercial Facilities

Commercial grows/cultivations looking to beat the competition with better quality and quantity harvests should look no further.

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Blog posts

The most powerful nutrient on earth (Seaweed)

Before we try to explain the benefits of Algae, let’s take a step back and begin by defining the word so many of us h...

How Roots Get their Nutrients (Mind Blowing)

Plant growth and development largely depend on the combination and concentration of mineral nutrients available in th...

The Rules for more Resin and Essential Oils

Resin is a solid or highly viscous substance of plants. They are often mixtures of organic compounds, principally ter...

Do this before the Flowering Stage (Cannabis Growers)

During the flowering stage, your plants are focusing completely on making buds. As an indoor grower, your actions dur...
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