Do this before the Flowering Stage (Cannabis Growers)

During the flowering stage, your plants are focusing completely on making buds. As an indoor grower, your actions during the flowering stage have a huge impact on your yields and the final potency of your buds.
What makes a plant start flowering? How do you get your plants to make amazing buds during these stages?
There are several yet effective things to pay attention to so your Flowering Stage goes great and your plants produce a huge, picture-perfect harvest every time.

 Be careful with elusive males
Keep an eye out for unexpected male plants or hermaphrodites (females that grow male parts).
Hermaphrodites generally come in two forms. Some grow pollen sacs among your flowers, and others you'll see the popular "yellow banana."
If you find a plant that’s turning into a male, we recommend removing the whole plant to prevent pollination.
  Make sure indoor grow lights are right for this stage
In vegetative stages it is highly recommended the use of Metal Halide lamps (MH) because of the light spectrum these lamps radiates. MH are the most effective lamps for plants when it comes to grow faster, better, and stronger.
When plants are ready to flower, lamps must be changed. A different light spectrum will tell your plants that it’s time to produce flowers, and the best way to achieve these results is through High Pressure Sodium Grow Lamps (HPS). (We are going to be talking about differences between HPS, MH, and LEDs in a different article)
Now, MH and HPS lamps produce a great deal of heat, it is important to keep the right distance between your plants and the light source to avoid plant’s damage
 Monitor your pH and do not overfeed your plants
We are not going to stop telling you that pH must be monitored constantly. More than half of the problems in hydroponics are due to pH imbalance surrounding the root zone.
In Hydro, pH management is incredible important to achieve success. It doesn’t matter what your growing media is, pH will play an important role in your plant’s good development.
Nutrients have to be added carefully. Overfeeding your plants is very common in these stages. Many growers still believe that the more nutrients their plants receive, the better results are going to get. Wrong!
Use the right amount of nutrients. Many hydroponic brands have their own guide lines (Feed Charts) for every product so, follow the rules.
It's normal for your oldest and lower leaves to start yellowing and falling as harvest approaches and this is NOT a nutrient deficiency problem.  
Plants need less and less nutrients as they approach harvest and it's natural for leaves to start yellowing, especially older leaves towards the bottom of the plant.
  Plant’s strong aroma
If your plants have a very strong scent, please stay within the “don’t” (don’t say, don’t sell, and don’t smell). This means, use carbon filters if necessary. Carbon filters will retain the strength of the smell keeping your set up imperceptible and clean.
  Keep Humidity ratios under 50%
High Humidity will bring bad news to your plants. High humidity is responsible for mold, fungus, and many other diseases. Also, plants are able to absorb water through its leaves so; an increase in water retention could affect your plants best performance in growing healthy buds.

 Flush before harvest
We recommend flushing plants with plain water for some time before harvest to leach out any extra nutrients. In soil, flush for about 2 weeks before. In coco, flush for about 1 week before, and in hydro you only need to flush plants for a few days.
A plain-water flush may improve the overall taste and smell of your buds, especially if you've gone a bit overboard with nutrients.
A secret grower tip is to add a bit of Density and Boost to your water during the last week or two of flowering.
 Harvest at the right time
You know you're ready for harvest when most of the crystal, glassy trichomes have turned into milky white colored mushroom with a few amber-like trichomes. When they're ready, they'll also begin to lean over from the weight of the bulbs on top.

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