Don't burn your plants!

There are 3 basic variables that will follow every hydroponic grower during his entire cultivation process, and these are the following: nutrient solution’s reservoir level, electrical conductivity, and pH.

If you want to prevent serious problems in the future, we recommend you check these variables every 2 days until you get some experience and you have reached a stable nutrient solution level. For example: If you have a background conductivity of E.C 1.0 and your product suggest you have a nutrient solution at E.C 2.0, you should add enough product to get a total nutrient solution of 2.0 (1.0 + 1.0= 2.0 / NOT 1.0 + 2.0=3.0). This is very important because if you fail in this measurement, by the time you have to add the additives, your B.C would be so high that would be impossible to add something else without burning your plants.

“Keep your eyes open all the time so you can learn, understand, and apply”

Many of our clients ask about how often they should change the nutrient solution in the reservoir.

 We know that no matter how experienced we are in the field, there is always a way to get the job done even better.                                                           

So, in order to understand this, it is important to take into consideration the following:

  • The quality of the water
  • The size of the reservoir and,
  • The size of the plant

If these conditions are poor or uncertain, then you must be careful and check your set up more often so you can be able to maintain the system in balance. 

Now, if the conditions are great, changing your water every 2 to 3 weeks is more than acceptable if your plants have at least 3 or 4 weeks old. Remember! As your plants get bigger, a weekly change would be fine.

          “If you are following these steps and still have issues, go to your nearest hydroponic store and ask for help”                                                                                         

Another important thing that makes newbies freak out most of the time is always related to the temperature.

Look, the temperature is a key factor and you should keep it in a range between 68.6 F and 76.8 F. Hey! I know the “.6” and “.8” looks kind of crazy, but to be honest, our best harvests came out using these exact same numbers most of the time. Of course, fluctuation will occur and you will be fine, just avoid too high or too low temperatures.

              “If the temperature is low, growth is slow, and if the temperature is high, the oxygen is going to fly”                                       

A nice trick used by growers to play around with temperature balance is ventilation.

Did you know that when the water is warm, it starts to lose more oxygen than when the water is cool? Well, now you know. Ventilation is very useful because it helps you to keep the temperature under control and also keeps a continuous airflow index which is a powerful plant’s grow stimulator.

     “Ventilation regulates temperature and it’s a great plant’s growth stimulator”                 

Finally, the 1 million dollar question, how much nutrient should we give to our plants?

Well, that will depend on many things such as humidity, temperature, growing medium, electrical conductivity, water supply, light source, and plant size.

“In few words, every company has its own ratio”

It looks a little bit complicated, right? Yes, it is. Every company that produces fertilizers has its own formula which is obtained after extensive research, analysis, time and effort, the quality of their resources, and of course the effectiveness of its results. Companies like Complete Hydroponics have already decoded these variables one by one to make a stable nutrient that can fulfill all growers’ needs. The products we make are designed with the best growing standards known in the field. There is no room for failure.

“Go to our feed chart and you will find how much nutrient should be used in your hydroponic system”

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