Red Wigglers can survive in Recirculating Water Systems & DWC


Red wigglers can thrive in hydroponic systems

Our growers always ask if red worms can survive in a recirculating deep water culture system using 100% complete hydroponic nutrients.  In order to prove that they can survive, we put 100 hundred of these little wigglers into 5 different containers, during the transition that goes from veg to flower. During the experiment, these creatures have shown an incredible capacity to adapt, survive, and succeed. They were living in the roots, feeding from dead root material, reproduce, and grow. They crawl up and down and nothing seemed to disturb them, except for light and movement.

We put 20 worms in a container and immediately they found their way down to the roots. In a very short period of time, these 20 worms turned into 65 with 30 eggs ready to hatch. These creatures are so incredible that they transformed the entire root system into a complex structure.   For example: There is a place for food, a place for eggs, and even for waste. Once they reach a certain number of member in the colony, some of them emigrate to other containers for space, and those who emigrates are the bigger and stronger ones; they live a legacy for the younger generation. It is quite fascinating!

The method that we used combines the best of the three in a self-sustaining mini-ecosystem, using the castings of red wriggler worms as an extra fertilizer and also a natural cleaning service for plants. The idea is that the cultivated plants and worms mutually benefit each other; much like the fish would in an aquaporinic system.


We have to accept that nature intervention plays an important role in plants development. We know that the product released by earth worms as a waste; once they have eaten all the organic dead matter, contains a powerful blend of nutrients that  stimulate your plants to grow in higher rates. Your plants really love worm’s poop and they are very happy to use it for growing and flowering process.


For example: The plants that were exposed to earth worms increased its produce by almost 100%. Instead of producing a regular 15 Oz per plant, now is producing around 30Oz per plant. The roots are always clean and dense, and pathogens are not even a problem. These little friends get rid of everything that hurts your plants.


Red worms and importance

Red worms are nature's ultimate composting worm. These creatures have several names such as, red wigglers, tiger worms, manure worms, composting worms, and the trout worms. No matter how you call them they're among the best composting worms available.

Both hobbyist and experienced worm farmers choose the red worm because they are easy to take care of, reproduce quickly, tolerate a wide range of temperatures, and can eat huge amounts of organic waste.

Advantages of red worms

  • Red wigglers can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions and changes that would kill most other breeds.
  • The red worm’s voracious appetite makes it the champion of the compost bin and a virtual worm casting (a.k.a. worm poop) machines.
  • red worms thrive in the first several inches of topsoil directly beneath decomposing vegetative organic matter.
  • Red worms are prolific breeders and 9 weeks after birth red worms are mature. Baby red worms hatch from small lemon shaped cocoons.
  • Red worms are content to remain working for you in conditions are to their liking. Provide them food, moisture, and suitable bedding material and they will happily stay in their bins or outdoor colonies. However if their bedding gets dry or too acidic they will try to escape. If you don't feed them they will go looking for food.

If you are growing in soil or soil-mixed, and you want to add some high quality Red Worm Casting This is the way to go:

So, whether it is composting, raising bait worms, producing worm castings, or simply enjoying an eco- friendly hobby it's hard to beat red worms when it comes to your farm.



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