Taking care of your plants while Vegging

Let’s assume you have already planted your seed or made your cuttings and now your baby plants are getting ready to grow. Once they are in good shape, it’s time to find a nice spot in your room and start making environmental changes so your plants can grow under the conditions you are providing.

The growth phase is the heart bit of your   plant’s health. We have covered many topics abut air, light, and water in hydroponic systems. For this reason we encourage you to reed and learn a bit more before you start to grow.

Let’s begin!

Pro tip
"Use full spectrum lights and keep 18 hours of light for your plants. Remember that you are in veg and light equals faster growth. The humidity must be kept between 45% and 65% when temperatures are around 72 and 80 degrees.  Air flow must be constant among the plants using an exhaust oscillating fan. Use nutrient solution high in nitrogen and potassium and medium to high phosphorus."

Before switching to flowering phase, we recommend to give your plants a little bit of time for a good veg stage; this means, 18” inches tall with at least 6 to 8 branches. In closed spaces, try to grow a considerable number of plants. Overcrowding your grow room could result in less productive harvest.

Taking care of your plants    
When your plants have everything they need which is a nice hydroponic systems, the only thing that could really limit or support its development is the light. This is very important, while in the dark, plants have to be far from any spot of light, and during the time of light, make sure your plants are far enough form the source to avoid light burn and overheating.

There are several things to consider if you want to grow perfect buds:

Net pots

The size of your plants will be determined by its roots. If your plants’ roots have a good space to grow, your plants are going to do the same.
In order to obtain a nice Y-shape, try cutting the stem right above its second set of leaves from the top. If you do this, your plants will focus on just two colas. You can repeat this process but you have to wait a while before doing it so your plant can recover; I would say a couple of weeks.
Fim – ing
Every time you hear a technique called FIM, it refers to the expression of “FUCK! I missed!” because it is based on the cutting of toping. In this scenario,   Instead of cutting the stems above the leaves, you just cut newest leaves or tips. This technique creates less stress in the growing process.
Supper cropping - Bending or low stress training
Here, there is no cutting involved. Through bending, you can make your plant grow horizontal rows of buds. Bend over branches that are taller than the rest. You can try tying them down or use weights. Super cropping is essentially a technique where you bend your plant until the bent point is slightly damaged.

Remember that during vegg you are looking to grow your small and new brands into healthy and big plants. If you want to grow even more plants such as in commercial productions, it is best to grow into a horizontal sea of buds that can be beautifully exposed to light in the flowering stage

“Vegging is really a preparation for flowering stage…”

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