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Complete Hydroponics B + hydroponic nutrient solution is a revolutionary formulation consisting of pharmaceutical-grade vitamins; food-grade, omri, non-gmo strains of marine algae; 21 L-shaped amino acids. These vitamins, along with their transporter molecules and the amino acids work in conjunction to accelerate the metabolic processes of the plant; improving nutrient absorption, increasing resistance, and speeding-up the synthesis of ATP (energy). Complete Hydroponics B + also helps stimulate the growth and interaction between roots and beneficial mycorrhizae –which promotes a healthier root system, faster nutrient absorption, overall plant structure, and a more bioactive media. Complete hydroponics B + also promotes meristematic growth at the plant's canopy and root tips.


  • Keeps the rhizosphere clean, full of bioactivity and invigorated
  • Increases plants resistance to the environment and diseases
  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients and new root developments
  • Slow-release and fast-acting forms of Nitrogen
  • Contains a blend of vitamins, alginates, and amino acids
  • Can be used in all media including soil, coco coir and hydroponic systems
  • Use all throughout the vegetative and flowering periods



  • Use all throughout the vegetative and flowering periods
  • Normal dosing for coco coir and soil/soilless systems 6ml per gallon
  • Normal dosing for hydroponic systems 2ml per gallon
  • May be foliar sprayed at 2ml per gallon to increase photosynthesis
  • Always check PPM concentrations and pH range
  • Store in cool dark places and shake well before use
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or money your back

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