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Green Gear Dimmable Electronic Ballast allows multiple settings for your growing area and reduces the heat output. Green Gear electronic ballasts are excellent for indoor growers.

Fully Convertible / HPS - MH

  • Features a microprocessor that shift between HPS and MH lamps, there is no need for an extra ballast or a switch
  • The plug is compatible with all Green Gear Digital Ballast and Green Gear Grow Light Reflectors with Socket  and Cord assembly
  • Can be mounted in any direction: Vertical, horizontal, or hanging

Totally Switchable / 120V - 240V 

  • Operates from 100V to 265V voltage ranges
  • Detects input voltage and draws the proper amps accordingly
  • Power Surge Protection 
  • Standard surge protector or circuit breaker is available with every Green Gear Digital Ballast

Dimmable Lighting Control – 50%, 75%, 100% Power Level

  • The dimming knob changes changing output and power consumption
  • Important: Dimming control is available after the lamps reach optimal voltage to ensure a steady spectral output and color temperature of the lamp

Air Cooled Aluminum Casing

  • Green Gear  features a powder coated aluminum casing with finned body to maximize heat dissipation. Combined with a 40mm DC fan, the ballast stays on at maximum power without overheating
  • Internal fan with an aluminum finned casing
  • Internal resin coating protects circuits against moisture and foreign contaminants


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