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Information for Retailers:

Do you want to become the leader in your market? Do you want to be recognized as the "go-to" guy when serious growers want serious results? Retailers who have joined the Complete Hydroponics family are experiencing more sales, higher customer satisfaction, and healthier bottom-lines.

Complete Hydroponics is constantly engaged with its family of retailers through training seminars, vendor days, providing local growers with plant and product knowledge, and ultimately improving the retailer's bottom line through the sale of an exclusive nutrient line. If you want to experience the results achieved by having our products and our world class customer service contact us today to conduct a small interview to determine if we are a natural match for each other.
We are currently accepting retail store applications throughout the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Hawaii.
Information for Commercial Facilities:
Here at Complete Hydroponics we are mindful of who we do business with. We will only take respectful and compliant organizations in consideration. We want our family of friends and business partners to experience unmatched customer service. We partner only with those businesses that are looking to make a difference in their communities; those businesses willing to put in the work and effort to become market leaders and innovators.
We are currently accepting commercial grow facilities applications in states that have established medicinal marijuana programs.
Thank you for your consideration in contacting Complete Hydroponics. We place high emphasis in providing you with an answer to your query in a promptly manner. We have a team of talented individuals who work together to answer every request. Please allow us 24-48 hours to reply back to you.
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