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The 500 mL Grow Kit is the perfect combination of hydroponic nutrients that you will need to grow incredible fruits and flowers. The nutrients selected have been carefully formulated to provide an overall support to Roots systems, amplify plants' cellular intake transfer of nutrients, and create an outstanding pathogenic resistance to fungus and external parasites. The Complete Hydroponics' 500 mL Grow kit will help you to achieve amazing results in every harvest by giving you the opportunity to obtain a bigger, denser, and loaded flower.

Within our 500 mL Growing Kit you will find these following mayor additives:

Roost XL - Promotes the expansion of Roots systems

CompleZym - Increases plants' cellular intake transference of nutrients 

PK 13/14 - Help your plants to build more resins and essential oils

B+ - Support immune plants' immune system and environmental resistance

Density - Provides better aroma, taste, and color

Boost - Designed to deliver bigger, sweeter, and tastier fruits and flowers

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