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Complete Hydroponics CompleZym  is a hydroponic nutrient solution consisting of 15 organic, food-grade, omri, non-gmo strains of trichoderma (essential plant enzymes). These enzymatic extracts work in conjunction to accelerate the process of breaking down dead root material and other cellulosic organic matter to later transform it into usable sugars, protein, nitrate and other essential minerals for the plant to re-uptake. Complete Hydroponics CompleZym also helps stimulate the growth and interaction between roots and beneficial mycorrhizae –which promotes a healthier root system, a better plant structure, and a more bioactive media. Complete hydroponics Complezym not only maintains the root system, it also maintains the growing medium clean and free from pathogens and other root-bound diseases.


  • Keeps the rhizosphere clean, full of bioactivity and invigorated
  • Promotes the absorption of nutrients and new root developments
  • Contains a blend of 15 enzymes: Cellulase, Amylase, Pectinase, Xylenase and more
  • Fully dormant until exposed to reservoir water
  • Can be used in all media including soil, coco coir and hydroponic systems
  • Use all throughout the vegetative and flowering periods



  • Use all throughout the vegetative and flowering periods
  • Normal dosing for coco coir and soil/soilless systems 6ml per gallon
  • Normal dosing for hydroponic systems 2ml per gallon
  • Root-rot/pythium treatment use 10ml per gallon
  • Always check PPM concentrations and pH range
  • Store in cool dark places and shake well before use
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or money your back

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